lock management system


What is Lockout Tagout
Tactise's IR-LOTO project is an industrial safety system designed to prevent equipment from starting up during repair and maintenance work, thereby reducing the number of industrial accidents and related damage.

Tactise LOTO involves the full implementation of a management system, including process automation.

What does LOTO ensure?

• Reduction of industrial injuries.

• Reduction of emergency situations.

• Increased risk assessment.

• Increased monitoring of work safety.

• Increased corporate productivity.


Who regulates the LOTO system?
The LOTO system was first regulated by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) which also created the Lockout Tagout model standard - 29 CFR 1910.147.
Which companies use the LOTO system?
Corporations in a wide range of industrial sectors which in the course of their activities carry out the repair and maintenance of mechanisms and equipment, where an unplanned supply of hazardous energy is possible, leading to the premature start-up of mechanisms or equipment, and potential causes of injury or accident to personnel.
How is the LOTO system implemented?
Director of the enterprise:

1) Develops the internal standard for the lock management system.
2) Compiles procedures for disconnecting/locking out hazardous energy, machinery and equipment.
3) Organizes courses training for employees and regular knowledge testing.
4) Provides the company with the necessary locking devices.
5) Monitors and improves system performance.
Company survey
Analysis of the current internal health and safety management system, selection and accounting for the number of locking devices, collection of information for the development for a standard, and for locking procedures
Development of locking procedures for the pilot facility
The lockout procedure is developed for a specific piece of equipment connected to hazardous energy sources
Development of the Lockout Tagout standard
A general standard is developed for a corporate enterprise, division, group, depending on the corporate management system and the specifics
Implementation of system modules in the INDORA project
Indora's modular system allows the integration of digital control of LOTO with such functions as: electronic work permit, disconnection management, risk management and other systems
Supply of locking devices
Tactise does not specialize in the production of locking devices, but can provide expert knowledge and the necessary information for their selection and purchase
Training courses
All corporate personnel must undergo training to the extent appropriate to their role in the LOTO procedure
Audit, productivity monitoring
Based on the results of audits, inspections and productivity assessments, effective, corrective and preventive measures are developed in order to ensure the maximum efficiency of this procedure.


1) General information about the equipment - full name of the equipment, location area, number of locking devices.
2) Description of energy isolation points - type of energy, photograph and location of the locking device (armature or automatic electrical switching), dispatch name of the isolation point.
3) Methods for isolating sources of hazardous energy.
4) Isolation device locking method, type of locking device.
5) Method of disposal of residual energy (if any).
6) Methods for monitoring absence of energy.
7) Brief description of personnel actions before initiation of repair or maintenance.

• General training on the LOTO system, the manner of its operation at the enterprise.
• Methods and application of locking devices.
• The procedure for developing a system standard.
• Development of LOTO locking procedures.
• The procedure for creating isolation certificates in the INDORA system.
• Methods for monitoring system performance.
• General training on the LOTO system, the manner of its operation at the enterprise.
• Methods and application of locking devices.
• Training is carried out either by a specialized organization or specialists from among previously trained engineers and managers responsible for implementing the system at the enterprise.
• General training on the LOTO system, the manner of its operation at the enterprise.
• On-site training by the leaders of the corresponding groups of workers.

Managers, technicians and engineers

Technical service and maintenance personnel
Administrative staff and contractors


There are many suppliers of locking devices on the Russian market, both domestic and imported types.
Cable locking devices
These are the most common types of locking devices. Due to its simplicity, the device easily blocks valve rotation. However, since it is attached to the cable, there may be room left to allow slight rotation
Valve and latch locking devices
A specially designed type of locking device is selected depending on the type and design features of the valves
Automatic electrical locking devices
This type of locking device will help to ensure that the power supply of the cable section or equipment is permanently disconnected during the repair.
In the LOTO system locks are divided into two groups:
1) Padlocks are locks that are used directly to lock an isolating device
2) Safety locks - are the personal locks of personnel involved in the repair work
Stations for storing locking devices
Stations can be either closed or open type, both for storing locking devices and tags and locks
Group locking devices
These devices are invaluable when several people are involved in the repair work
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