We are all about safety! It is what we do, we know all about your pains, fears and risks

About Tactise

Tactise is You
It's about all your colleagues who risk their lives in production. It's also about everyone who's moved on from the daily dangers, but still remember and will never forget the huge number of constant daily hazards. This is something we know about not from textbooks or notes taken on business trips. Every member of the Tactise team is an experienced production worker with a significant professional and personal background. We've all lived through it.
Our Team's Experience
The Tactise team acquired their experience in industrial enterprises in Russia and the CIS. Our IT department was formed from experts from leading software manufacturers.
Our Mission
Making people happier through safety, starting with ourselves
Our Partners
234, Satyam. 2, NR. Nramandir, Adalaj, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India, 38421