About Tactise Group
Tactise experts help companies around the Globe to improve process safety and excellence by implementing management systems, practices and processes, training programs, HSE recruitment, consulting and integrated IT solutions.
Chief Operating Officer
Gaurang Baxi
Tactise India Private Limited COO

«Tactise Safety is a core value and a way of life. We support businesses to achieve excellence through transformational leadership interventions designed to improve HSE culture by adopting risk based approaches, processes and technology»
Professional sphere and expert areas:
Accomplished business executive with more than 30 years experience in leading HSE functions of large corporates across various cultures and geographies. Decisive, results-oriented and experienced at driving change through transformational leadership interventions to improve HSE culture resulting in sustainable safety performance across various sectors.

Key competences:
  • Safety Culture Transformation
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Fatality Prevention
  • Environmental Managment
    We specialize in HSE market since 2011. Tactise Group is the international group of companies, the first ecosystem of HSE products and services.

    Our aim is to develop the safety culture, making production, work and living space safe with risk oriented approach.
    Tactise HSE Ecosystem
    Global Network
    Our Partners
    Transformation of Industrial Safety
    80 %
    Reduction in technological non-compliance
    70 %
    Reduction in the number of incidents
    20 %
    Reduction in maintenance costs
    Completed Projects
    INDORA IT system for Yamal LNG
    Electronic Work Permit System

    The project involves 3,000 people. The system has been in successful operation since 2018. Every day the Tactise algorithm creates dozens of digital work permits. This not only speeds up the processes, but also increases corporate reliability and safety.
    Occupational health and safety risk management for Norilsk Nickel
    Risk-Control has been implemented at 17 of the company's enterprises.
    The company has than 80,000 employees in the support loop.
    250 process owners have been trained.
    2,190 engineers and technicians (94%) have also benefited from internal training.
    45,000 safety and hazard registers have been compiled.
    Approximately 25,000 risks have been identified and eliminated.
    33,000 risk minimization measures have been implemented.
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